Wedding count down 

Here I am again in a bid to get fit and healthy and this time I have a wedding to attend in three months which I am determined to go to looking and feeling great. This past week I’ve been feeling pretty positive and have decided that I will work out everyday along with attending pound classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I’ve been going to pound classes since February and just love it, my instructor is fab too and it’s a really fun, energetic class. For those of you not familiar with pound here is a video link with details
For my every day workouts I decided to do the Lazy Girl challenges workouts. I follow their page on Instagram They post 30 day challenges with a mixture of different workouts to do each day. I do the number of reps suggested and then reduce it so if it’s says 20 I’ll do that then 10 and then 5 of that set. This is the workout I done today 

For food I am clean eating, so no processed foods or fizzy drinks etc. I have had some lovely meals by Joe Wicks The body coach and also have found some tasty dishes just by typing clean meals into google search and then picking meals I like the sound/look of. I follow The Body Coach on Instagram and have his books but here’s the like to his Instagram page for you to explore

And for an extra boost I’m kicking it all off with a 7 day shred. The shred will help to give my body a boost with weigh loss which will encourage and spur me on to keep focused. If you want more information on the shreds and shred kits take a look here

Im going to aim to do a little write up each day to keep myself motivated and also post food, workouts etc for anyone who would also like to give this a go. If you have any questions please feel free to ask away. 

Bye for now. 


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