Ok so it was almost a year ago I first started this blog and to be honest Im fining Since then I’ve tried clean eating and even started a paid for health plan which didn’t get finished due to the food combinations being difficult to stomach – food being difficult to stomach, for a food lover that just sounds odd but seriously mince meat, spinach and egg for breakfast was VERY hard to eat. Ive done HIIT workouts which I’ve enjoyed but they’ve just fizzled out.

Here I find myself at the starting line once more about to head out on a healthy journey, one in which I hope to find a fitter, healthier and happier me. I know they say you should keep of the sad step (scales) and I’m not someone who is always on them but I am going to measure my weight as a starting point so as although I do feel it’s more about how you feel and how your clothes fit etc but it’s always nice to see those numbers drop. 

So here is my starting point.

It’s shocking to see how high the numbers have gotten over the years as I don’t feel as big as I am but truth of all the overeating, picking and binging is here in plain sight and I can’t escape it. We are all in some way battling a fight with our body, whether your weight is more or less than mine I hope you will join me on my journey as I share with you my ups, downs, workouts and food diary. 
#health #fitness #weightloss #diet #cleaneating #food #fat #goals #happy #journey #strippingbackthefat #slim #skin #change


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